Installation for administrators

Configure an options file

Create an options file and use it to set a license timeout or configure license borrowing. For complete information about options files, see Managing the Options File in the FLEXnet Publisher License Administration Guide PDF file installed with Network License Manager (NLM). To view that PDF guide, see the Network License Manager folder on your license server.

Create an options file

You can create option files for one or more servers and manage network licenses through those files.If you don’t need the capabilities of the options file, you don't have to create options files for all servers.

If your options file defines controls based on product features, the controls apply to products whether you are on a maintenance plan or multi-user subscription.However, if you define controls at the product package level, you can separate maintenance plan seats from multi-user subscriptions.

To activate an options file, save it and then reread the license file.

  1. Open a text editor, such as Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (macOS). Enter the commands and parameters as specified for the report log or other operations.
  2. Name the file adskflex.opt and save it where you saved the network license file.
    Note: Be sure to save the file with the extension .opt. NLM does not recognize .txt.
  3. Reread the license file on the server.
    • For a Windows server, use the LMTOOLS utility installed with NLM and select Reread License File.
    • For a macOS or Linux server, open a Terminal window, navigate to the Autodesk Network License Manager folder (flexnetserver), and enter the following string:
      ./lmutil lmreread -c @hostname-all
  4. Check the log file to be sure that the options file has been read. If it wasn’t, stop and restart the license server.

Here are some common controls that you can configure using an options file.

Set a license timeout

Set a limit on how long a license is allocated to an inactive computer before the server reclaims it. If the computer becomes active again, the server issues a fresh license. If a license isn’t available, the user gets an alert.

Open the options file in a text editor and enter one of the following commands on a separate line.

  • TIMEOUT feature_code n
    Here, feature_code is the name of the product and n is the number of seconds of inactivity before the server reclaims a license. For example,
    TIMEOUT 66800REVIT_F 7200
    means that the license timeout for Revit is 7200 seconds, or two hours.
    Here, the timeout is for all products, where n is the number of seconds before the server reclaims an inactive Autodesk product.

Configure license borrowing

You can allow license borrowing without using an options file. However, an options file gives you more control over how long the license can be borrowed.

  1. Open the options file in a text editor and enter the following on a separate line.
    BORROW_LOWWATER feature_code n
  2. Here, feature_code specifies the product and n is the minimum number of licenses that must remain on the server. When that number is reached, no more licenses can be borrowed.
  3. Enter the following on the next line:
    MAX_BORROW_HOURS feature_code n
    Here, feature_code specifies the product and n is the maximum number of hours a license can be borrowed.

Note: Licenses are borrowed in multiples of 24 hours.